Damaged and dull hair? Reach for a hair balm!

If your hair is damaged and dull, this means that it is high time for you to regenerate this fatigued strands of yours. And there is no better way to bringing back life to distressed hair as treating it with a high quality hair balm. Why is that? Just because such a cosmetic has amazing features, provides immediate effects and contains plenty of beneficial substances.

damage-hairWhat are the features of a hair balm? As one of a few cosmetics, which are able to deliver almost immediate help to strands, a hair balm can really help you rebuild damaged hair. Are you curious how and why? Well, such a product takes care of strands’ inner and outer structure. It provides deep nourishment, regeneration and reinforcement. What is more, a hair balm makes strands more resistant to falling out as well as to chemical and mechanical damages. Additionally, due to this beauty product, hair is shielded against solar radiation and other destructive factors that derive from the external environment. Indeed, a hair balm is able to improve condition of strands, strengthen hair bulbs and rebuild split ends. It will also help to solve the problem of dandruff and excessive amounts of sebum produced by scalp. Moreover, a hair balm has hair lustring, smoothing and moistening action. It can be also useful during hair styling since it is able to tame unruly hair as well as protect strands against hot temperature generated by hair styling devices used for particular hair salon procedures.

How should a hair balm be applied? There are two ways of applying this beauty product, namely, either on towelled or dry hair. The first method depends on applying a hair balm to freshly shampooed hair, after removing excess of water. Thanks to this, we will provide nourishment and smoothness to strands, which accelerates drying time and makes combing easier as well. In order to enhance action of the cosmetic, it is advised to put on a foil cap and wrap head with a towel. Warmth will be generated which will speed up absorption of active substances. When a hair balm is applied to dry hair, it will help with regenerating and rebuilding split ends. What is more, it will gift hair with healthy shine, discipline strands and make our hairdo look beautiful.

What are ingredients a hair balm is composed of? This kind of a cosmetic contains a complex of highly concentrated substances. Among them, we can find keratin, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vegetable oils, organic acids and herbal extracts. Because of the high concentration of active substances, it is advised against applying a hair balm in great amounts. Unfortunately, increasing the quantity of the cosmetic might have bad consequences in a form of scalp dehydration or dandruff. In order to make hair healthy and beautiful, suffice it is to apply just a small amount of a hair balm. In short, it has to be put to mid-lengths adn distributed heading hair ends. It is worth pointing out that some hair balms can be massaged into scalp. This kind of a procedure boosts blood circulation as it stimulates hair bulbs.