How to make your own hair balm?

There are no better cosmetics than the homemade ones. Even the process of preparing them can be a source of tremendous fun. And now think, what a sheer enjoyment would derive from noticing positive outcomes produced by D.I.Y. cosmetics treatments? Quite a great, indeed. Therefore, what should be inside a homemade hair balm?

hair-balmContrary to what might be expected, preparing our own hair balm is an easy task. All ingredients can be found online in Internet shops with natural cosmetics as the accessories required for combining the ingredients – at home. Do you need to take any special precautions while preparing your own hair balm? Yes and no. You do not need any safety equipment like glasses or apron, you can also do without rubber gloves. However, remember that you are working with a hot substance so you can burn yourself. Where to start? Prepare the following things: a container that will be used for storing the cosmetic you are about to make, a small pot where you will be able to combine all the ingredients, a spoon for mixing the ingredients, 30 grams of Shea Butter, 15 grams of Coca Butter, 15 grams of Coconut Oil, 10 grams of Carmella Seed Oil, 2 grams of Castor Oil, 6 grams of Hazelnut Oil, 11 grams of beeswax, 1 gram of E vitamin, and essential oils (i.e. lavender, lemon tree or rosemary).

How to prepare your own hair balm? All the ingredients (except essential oils) have to be heated up in the pot. Stir until they melt and create even mixture. After that, put the pot away and slowly add the essential oils. Mix all the ingredients precisely and pour into the container. Remember that the container has to be thoroughly cleaned up beforehand, scalded, and even wiped with alcohol or a disinfecting lotion. In this way, you will eliminate all bacteria and other microorganisms, which might multiply in your homemade hair balm. When cooled down, put the container into the fridge to make it solid. After a few hours, your own hair balm is ready to use.

How should the application look like? Just a small amount of the cosmetic is enough to make your hair ends nourished, glossy, smooth, and regenerated. Warm up the balm in your hands to make application easier. What might be surprising, your homemade hair balm can be used for scalp massage as well. Such a procedure will bring a relief especially to those who fight against dryness, super sensitivity, and dandruff. Remember though, too much of the cosmetic applied to hair roots might encourage scalp to produce greater amounts of sebum, which obviously results in greasy hair.