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Hundreds of articles, thousands of words. More or less this is how much it has been written about hair care in recent years. Many women realised that hair left unattended is not the best idea. It will grow, however, it will never be as beautiful as if we devoted some time for the proper care. If you love someone and take care of them, the person blooms. The same happens when it comes to hair. Hair maniacs often treat hair as their children (even though it might seem a little bit comic).

Top 3 - Hair balms

Searching through stacks of articles it can easily notice that the Internet is a compendium of knowledge about hair oils. Over the past years, guides about oiling treatment have multiplied. Everything has already been said, and it makes no sense to repeat. However, there are other topics that have not been explored so carefully, for example. hair balms. What are hair balms for? Unfortunately, we know very little about them.

Although hair balms are not as popular as conditioners or oils, it does not mean that they are worse. Such small popularity derives from the lack of knowledge about their specifics. We usually use balms for our bodies, therefore, naming a hair product a ‘balm’ may sound a bit weird. You could not be more wrong. Today, I would like to debunk stereotypes and explain a bit why it is worth learning more about hair balms.

Probably, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word balm, is a cosmetic used for body care. However, there are many hair products called ‘balms’ and they appear to be much more effective than regular conditioners. Such cosmetics are famous for giving instant results. Unfortunately, they work only on the surface and the effects are temporary. Both hair balms and hair conditioners are designed to provide essential nutrients and ensure improvement in hair condition. However, there are more elements that help to distinguish these two products.

Why are hair balms better than conditioners?

  1. Active ingredients in hair balms have the ability to penetrate deeply into damaged hair and work from the inside.
  2. Hair balms not only treat and improve hair’s look (the same way conditioners work) but also regenerate and rebuild damaged hair structures.
  3. They usually contain less oily components (emollients) and their list of ingredients is made mainly of active substances.
  4. All hair balms comprise much more nutrients than conditioners, what is more, active ingredients appear in bigger concentrations.
  5. Thanks to the composition of the formula, balm’s action is stronger and more complex, and so the effects are not only superficial.
  6. In order to achieve better results, we must devote more time. Patience is rewarded with long-lasting effects.

Using hair balms is a lot more beneficial than staying faithful to conditioners. It is worth trying out at least one of the listed products to see the difference. The richness of organic acids, plant extracts, protein complexes, vitamins, amino acids and many other products, allow hair balms take the first place among other daily hair care products.

Can hair balms be replaced with hair oils?

The choice between a conditioner and a hair balm is rather obvious. How abut hair oils? Have you ever wondered whether an oil is better than a hair balm? Nowadays, hair oiling is a very popular method of hair treatment, which makes us thinking if a hair oil can offer as much or maybe more than our current beauty products. It might be difficult to convince hair balms followers into replacing them with cosmetic oils. Nevertheless, the facts speak for themselves: oils work better than hair balms.
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Many people, encouraged by so many benefits that come with using balms, require help with choosing the best product. This is why such ranking is created. It contains the most popular cosmetics (this season) and most essential information. Each balm is compared in terms of components and effectiveness. Both aspects are deeply analysed and summed up with my personal opinion. The full outcome of such comparison is presented below.

What hair balm you choose for yourself?